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Beautiful it is to travel until you come home and rest your head on your old, familiar pillow. What if you find your home where ever you travel? Kolkata Cabs promises to make its customers feel at home.

The two most important features without which Kolkata Cabs will be incomplete:

  • Make kilometers shorter than miles.
  • Give our customers the best possible comfort, they don’t feel to return back home.

Chairman's Message :


Dear Guests,

Leave all your stress of daily life behind and enjoy a Top Class experience with Kolkata Cabs. I try hard to offer you more than what you expect from us. If I miss something, then please feel free to mail me directly at

I invite you to “Kolkata Cabs” and get the unbeaten experience of travelling throughout the beautiful places of India, with us.

Warm regards,

Samar Mukherjee
Kolkata Cabs